A Good Cook

Kim Hyang Won, Manager of the Ryomyong Noodle House under the Taesong District General Restaurant in the capital city Pyongyang, is a good cook who has been working in the field of public catering service for 40 years.

She is good at making hot and cold dishes and well versed in all the dishes ranging from the characteristics of raw materials to processing. If she looks at a dish, she can guess what kind of raw materials and how much were used and if she tastes a food, she can explain a recipe for making it.

People often say that cooking technique is related a lot with one’s nature and good hand gives a good taste of food.

However, Kim Hyang Won always says the taste and quality of food are decided by the sincerity of a cook.

Actually, she worked heart and soul to make even a food properly.

She tried to change the recipe and shape of dishes according to the seasons and retain the real taste of food becoming to the characteristics of the raw materials.

In those days, she made sheatfish soup, loach soup and other foods of different kinds peculiarly well in national cooking festivals held every year, winning 10 gold medals, two silver medals and one bronze medal. She made well the Pyongyang Cold Noodle, a national food, with unique taste in the noodle-making contest between famous restaurants in Pyongyang City some time ago, and thus was awarded the best prize.

She also trained tens of excellent cooks, making a contribution to the development of food culture of the country.

The Central Committee of the Korean Association of Cooks awarded the title of good cook and certificate to her.

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