Works of Kim Jong Il


Works of Chairman Kim Jong Il


Worshipping Big Powers And Depending On Foreign Forces Is The Way To National Ruin (1961)

On Correctly Analyzing The History Of The Preceding Revolutionary Ideology Of The Working Class (1966)


On The Art Of The Cinema (1973)

On The Art Of Opera (1974)

On Some Questions In Understanding The Juche Philosophy (1974)

On Thoroughly Establishing The System Of Party Leadership (1979)


On The Juche Idea (1982)

The Workers’ Party Of Korea Is A Juche-Type Revolutionary Party Which Inherited The Glorious Tradition Of The DIU (1982)

On Some Problems Of Education In The Juche Idea (1986)

On Further Developing Mass Gymnastics (1987)

On The Art Of The Drama (1988)

Let Us Highly Display The Korean-Nation-First Spirit (1989)


Socialism Of Our Country Is Socialism Of Our Style As The Embodiment Of The Juche Idea (1990)

The Workers’ Party Of Korea Organizes And Guides All The Victories Of Our People (1990)

On Having A Correct Viewpoing And Understanding Of The Juche Philosophy (1990)

Let Us Firmly Equip Ourselves With The Theory Of Juche-Orientated Socialist Economic Management (1991)

On Architecture (1991)

On Fine Art (1991)

On The Art Of Music (1991)

Our Socialism Centered On The Masses Shall Not Perish (1991)

On The Fundamentals Of Revolutionary Party Building (1992)

Let Us Further Strengthen Our Single-Hearted Unity And Give Full Play To The Korean-Nation-First Spirit (1992)

On Strengthening The People’s Army And Creating A Social Climate In Which Prominence Is Given To Military Affairs (1992)

Let Us Glorify The Great Achievements Of The Respected Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung (1992)

Socialism Is The Life Of Our People (1992)

Let Us Bring The Advantages Of Our People’s Government Into Fuller Play (1992)

The Historical Lesson In Building Socialism And The General Line Of Our Party (1992)

Let Us Further Improve City Management In Conformity With The Requirements Of The Developing Situation (1992)

On Some Problems Arising In Improving Public Health (1992)

Abuses Of Socialism Are Intolerable (1993)

Socialism Is A Science (1994)

Let Us Hold The Great Leader In High Esteem Forever And Accomplish His Cause (1994)

Let Us Hold The Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung In High Esteem As The Eternal President Of Our Republic (1994)

Giving Priority To Ideological Work Is Essential For Accomplishing Socialism (1995)

Respecting The Forerunners Of The Revolution Is A Noble Moral Obligation Of Revolutionaries (1995)

The Juche Philosophy Is An Original Revolutionary Philosophy (1996)

The Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung Will Always Be With Our People (1996)

Let Us Carry Out The Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung’s Instructions For National Reunification (1997)

On Preserving The Juche Character And National Character Of The Revolution Of Construction (1997)

Let Us Reunify The Country Independently And Peacefully Through The Great Unity Of The Entire Nation (1998)

Holding The Great Comrade Kim Il Sung In High Esteem Is The Noblest Moral Obligation Of Our Party And People (1999)


Kim Chaek University Of Technology Is A Powerful Base Of Our Country For Training People Talented In Science And Technology (2001)

On Having A Correct Understanding Of Nationalism (2002)

The Grand Mass Gymnastics And Artistic Performance Arirang Is A World-Class Masterpiece Representative Of The New Century (2002)

Answers To Questions Raised By The President Of The Kyodo News Service (2002)

The Songun-Based Revolutionary Line Is A Great Revolutionary Line Of Our Era And An Ever-Victorious Banner Of Our Revolution (2003)

Kimilsungia Is An Immortal Flower That Has Bloomed In The Hearts Of Mankind In The Era Of Independence (2005)

The DPRK Is A Juche-Orientated Socialist State With Invincible Might (2008)

The Anti-Japanese War Heroine Kim Jong Suk Will Live Forever In The Hearts Of Our People (2009)


Answers To Questions Raised By ITAR-TASS Of Russia (2011)

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