PSA Mission Statement

The Paektu Solidarity Alliance (PSA) is an organization dedicated to the promotion of educational resources, audiovisual content, news, commentary, literature, and other information with the aim of building understanding, friendship, and solidarity between progressive peace-loving people of the world and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

By showing the reality of Korean-style socialism and daily events within the DPRK, we aim to replace confusion with clarity, hostility with empathy, confrontation with cooperation, and conflict with reconciliation.

We fervently defend the independence, rights to existence, self-determination, and self-development of the DPRK.

We assertively advocate support for the peaceful reunification of the Korean nation, the unanimous dream and invariable demand of the Korean people.

We vehemently oppose any U.S. military presence in Korea and firmly condemn its ceaselessly escalating economic pressure on the DPRK as well as its provocative war games on the peninsula.

We will strive to be a loudspeaker echoing the messages and righteous indignation of the progressive Korean people struggling towards peace, reunification, and independence: Peace NOW! Reunification NOW! U.S. Out NOW!

Contact Us

You can make contact with the PSA through the following methods:

  • Sending an email directly to our organization at contact@defendkorea.com
  • Emailing PSA Chairwoman Comrade Natalie Everhart at revolutionarynatalie@gmail.com or even by direct messaging her on Twitter (@NatalieRevolts)