Works of Kim Il Sung


Works of President Kim Il Sung

Kim Il Sung’s Memoirs “With The Century”


On The Occasion Of Forming A Party Organization (1930)

On The Occasion Of Founding The Anti-Japanese People’s Guerrilla Army (1932)


On The Decision Of The Moscow Conference Of Foreign Ministers On The Korean Question (1945)

For The Establishment Of A United Party Of The Working Masses (1946)

On Exposing And Destroying The “Anti-Trusteeship” Plot Of The US And South Korean Reactionary Elements (1946)

Let Us Expose The Truth Behind The US Imperialists’ Rigging Up Of The UN Temporary Commission On Korea (1947)

Talk To American Journalist Anna Louis Strong (1947)


Go All Out For Victory In The War (1950)

Repel The US Imperialist Invasion (1950)

On A Historic Victory In The Fatherland Liberation War And The Tasks Of The People’s Army (1953)


On The Three Principles Of National Reunification (1972)

Let Us Prevent A National Partition And Reunify The Country (1973)

On Abolishing The Tax System (1974)

The US Imperialist Army Of Aggression Must Withdraw Unconditionally From South Korea (1974)

The Law Of The DPRK On The Nursing And Upbringing Of Children (1976)

Thesis On Socialist Education (1977)

Let Us Further Strengthen The People’s Government (1977)

Let Us Step Up Socialist Construction Under The Banner Of The Juche Idea (1978)


The Public Health Law Of The DPRK (1980)

Let Us Implement The Public Health Law To The Letter (1980)

Let Us Uphold Independence (1981)

For The Strengthening Of Cooperation Between The Non-Aligned Countries In Their News Services (1982)

The DPRK Represents Genuine People’s Power And Is A Banner Of The Unity And Solidarity Of The Masses (1983)

A Talk To The Secretary General Of The United Nations Conference On Trade And Development And His Party (1984)

Preventing War And Preserving Peace Are The Burning Tasks Of Mankind (1986)

Let Us Develop South-South Cooperation (1987)

On Developing Kangwon Province As A Good Tourist Resort (1989)


Honoured Disabled Veterans Should Continue To Bring The Flower Of The Revolution Into Bloom And Live Optimistically (1990)

Let Us Bring The Advantages Of Socialism In Our Country Into Full Play (1990)

Let The Entire Nation Unite And Hasten The Reunification Of The Country (1990)

Let Us Achieve The Great Unity Of Our Nation (1991)

Let The Women In The North And The South Hasten The Reunification Of The Country Through United Efforts (1992)

Let The North And South Open The Way To Peace And The Reunification Of The Country In A United Effort (1992)

Officials Must Become True Servants Of The People (1992)

Enhancing The Role Of The Masses Of The People Is The Guarantee For Victory In The Cause Of Independence (1992)

On Vigorously Conducting The National Reunification Movement Among Overseas Compatriots (1993)

10 Point Programme For The Reunification Of The Country (1993)


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