Works of Kim Jong Un


Works of President Kim Jong Un

President of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
General Secretary of the Worker’s Party of Korea


Let Us Step Up The Building Of A Thriving Country By Applying Kim Jong Il’s Patriotism (2012)

Become Pillars Supporting A Prosperous Future Korea (2012)

On Bringing About A Revolutionary Turn In Land Administration In Line With The Demands For Building A Thriving Socialist Country (2012)

The Great Kim Il Sung Is The Eternal Leader Of Our Party And Our People (2012)

Let Us March Forward Dynamically Towards Final Victory, Holding Higher The Banner Of Songun (2012)

The Sons And Daughters Of Revolutionary Martyrs Should Become The Backbone Of The Songun Revolution And The Reliable Heirs Of The Lineage Of Mangyongdae, The Lineage Of Paektu (2012)

Let Us Brilliantly Accomplish The Revolutionary Cause Of Juche, Holding Kim Jong Il In High Esteem As The Eternal General Secretary Of Our Party (2012)


Concluding Speech At The March 2013 Plenary Meeting Of The Central Committee Of The Workers’ Party Of Korea (2013)

Let Us Add Eternal Brilliance To Comrade Kim Jong Il’s Great Idea Of And Achievements In The Songun Revolution (2013)

Let Us Usher In A Great Golden Age Of Construction By Thoroughly Applying The Party’s Juche-Oriented Idea On Architecture (2013)


Young People, Be Vanguard Fighters Who Are Unfailingly Faithful To The Party’s Revolutionary Cause Of Songun (2014)

Let Us Live And Work In The Revolutionary Spirit Of Paektu, The Spirit Of The Blizzards Of Paektu (2014)

Let Us Bring About Innovations In Agricultural Production Under The Unfurled Banner Of The Socialist Rural Theses (2014)

National Heritage Conservation Is A Patriotic Undertaking For Adding Brilliance To The History And Traditions Of Our Nation (2014)

Let Us Hasten Final Victory Through A Revolutionary Ideological Offensive (2014)


The Cause Of The Great Party Of Comrade Kim Il Sung And Kim Jong Il Is Ever-Victorious (2015)

Let Us Bring About A Fundamental Turn In The Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement In Line With The Demands Of The Developing Revolution (2015)

Making Selfless, Devoted Efforts For The Good Of The People Is The Mode Of Existence And Source Of Invincible Might Of The Workers’ Party Of Korea (2015)

Let The Entire Party, The Whole Army, And All The People Conduct A Vigorous Forest Restoration Campaign To Cover The Mountains Of The Country With Green Woods (2015)

The Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station Is A Proud And Grand Monument To Our Youth And A Symbol Of Youth Power (2015)

Let Us Expedite The Construction Of The Livestock Farming Base In The Sepho Area And Bring Out A Fresh Turn In Developing Animal Husbandry (2015)

War Veterans Are Our Precious Revolutionary Forerunners Who Created The Indomitable Spirit Of Defending The Country (2015)

Let Us Usher In A New Golden Age Of Building A Sports Power In The Revolutionary Spirit Of Paektu (2015)

Let Us Usher In A New Golden Age Of The Movement Of Koreans In Japan True To The Intentions Of The Great Comrade Kim Jong Il (2015)


On Improving The Role Of The UAWK In Accomplishing The Juche-Oriented Socialist Cause (2016)

Let Us Further Intensify The Work Of The Women’s Union Under The Banner Of Modelling The Whole Society On Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism (2016)

On The Basic Tasks Facing Kim Il Sung University In The New Era Of The Juche Revolution (2016)

Let Us Usher In A Golden Age Of The Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Youth Movement (2016)

On The Duties Of The Working Class Of Kim Il Sung And Kim Jong Il For The Times And Tasks Facing Trade Union Organizations (2016)


Let KCU Members Become The True Sons And Daughters, Young Revolutionaries Of The Socialist Country (2017)


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