Active Dissemination of Science and Technology

Many units actively share excellent technologies, experiences and means conducive to the development of the national economy.

The Sci-Tech Complex, a great temple of learning for all the people, widely disseminates advanced science and technology.

Kim Yong Myong, Department Director of the Sci-Tech Complex, says:

“We are concentrating main efforts on developing the standardized general information service system and introducing it into the provincial libraries. At the same time, we are disseminating sci-tech materials that suit the characteristics of the regions concerned to the city and county Mirae e-libraries in the provinces by use of the data collection system.”

The Sci-Tech Complex directs all to steadily expanding the realms of sci-tech dissemination and enriching its content. Especially, it puts primary efforts into helping the homepage visitors easily find necessary sci-tech materials by type and discipline.

The Research Institute for Sci-Tech Dissemination Management collects all the achievements made across the country through the electronic sci-tech data sharing system. On this basis, it has developed and operates a new e-bulletin publishing system for timely spreading sci-tech data among disseminators in the fields concerned and leading them to exchange and introduction.

It has also established a system of registering and sharing the advanced experiences and methods, contributing to improving the technical knowledge and skills of the working people.

The active dissemination of science and technology will further propel the economic development of the country.

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