Flocks of Sheep Graze on Muwon Tableland

Flocks of sheep graze on the Muwon Tableland in Changsong County, North Pyongan Province.

The county where mountains cover 95% of its area is developing its economy by making use of natural and geographical characteristics of the region.

According to an official in the county, the state saw to it that a modern sheep-breeding farm was built on the tableland several years ago, and sent there about 1,000 sheep of superior species last year.

Pastures at the foot of picturesque mountains, sheepfolds scattered along the valleys, a plant of processing nutritious assorted feed, grassland covering 1,000 hectares, and tens of kilometre-long road present a unique scene of a mountainous county.

The county has put sheep-breeding on a scientific and technical footing and taken thoroughgoing anti-epizootic measures to increase the number of sheep of superior species day by day.

The flocks of sheep grazing on a sunny hillside showcase the appearance of the county which is undergoing changes every year.

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