Consumer Goods Industry

For Development of New Products

The Pyongyang Essential Oil Factory is directing efforts to developing new products.

This year, it developed over 10 kinds of essential oils by completing the techniques of abstracting natural spices from coriander, peppermint, Khingan fir, Korean arborvitae, etc.

It markedly improved the quality of essential oils by using enzymolysis method, which increases the aromatic effect, as well as various abstracting techniques suited to the characteristics of the raw materials, including solvent abstraction, supercritical fluid abstraction and steam distillation.

The foodstuffs and cosmetics made with various essential oils, extracted from peach, watermelon, orange, magnoliavine fruit, Artemisia, pine-needle and others, enjoy a great popularity.

Yu Sun Yong, general manager of the factory, said: We will increase the variety of our products and improve their quality by actively promoting development of new products.

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