Home-Made Products

A Housewives’ Workteam Carves Niche in Shoe Making

“Our housewives’ workteam is not comparable to big factories or enterprises, but we feel pride in contributing to the economic life of the country with our products,” said Ri Myong Bok, leader of the Ryonmot-dong housewives’ workteam of the Sosong district housewives’ workteam management station in Pyongyang.

Her workteam is now drawing consumers’ attention with its varieties of products.

Especially, its women’s footwear is winning favour with them for the good quality and various shapes.

According to Ri, several housewives of the workteam had produced only a few kinds of goods in the past.

“We have taken part in the annual national August 3 consumer goods exhibition every year and learnt a lot,” said Jong Sun Ok, member of the workteam.

When they participated in the show for the first time, they presented women’s shoes of a simple style which got no positive reaction from visitors.

Afterwards, they exchanged experiences with other housewives’ workteams and got feedback from consumers before diversifying their products in kind and shape.

“Footwear is a fancy item. Avoiding repetition and similarity and constantly improving the shape and colour of footwear to turn out elegant and beautiful products to meet people’s taste and emotion—this is our priority in conducting production activities,” said Jong.

Every workteam member often finds themselves in shops to hear consumers’ opinions and the workteam holds a product show on a regular basis in an effort to make better products.

It now turns out over 30 kinds of women’s footwear according to season including sandals and slippers.

The shoes made by the workteam were highly appreciated at the recent Pyongyang municipal August 3 consumer goods exhibition.

“We make children’s footwear, purse, belt and ribbon with the by-products of shoemaking, so nothing goes to waste,” said Jong Sun Ok.

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