Culinary Culture of Korea

Traditional, Fast Foods Attract More Diners

The Moranbong Sogwang Restaurant on the boundary between Moranbong and Sosong districts is always buzzing with many diners.

The number of visitors to it is increasing as it is near Ryomyong Street which was magnificently built several years ago with skyscrapers and multi-storeyed apartment houses going well with each other.

“Each dish of the restaurant is impressive and tasty. I tried them at home, but failed. I don’t think I can copy the techniques and expertise the cooks have gained with great effort by giving only a few tries. So I often visit the restaurant with my family members to have a meal,” said Kim Yu Gyong, resident of Janggyong-dong of Sosong District, Pyongyang.

As she said, all the foods of the restaurant have their own distinctive tastes.

According to manageress Kim Yong Ae, the cooks of the restaurant pay special attention to preserving the unique flavour of each dish.

“Each dish prepared by different cooks has different tastes even if they were made from the same materials and by the same recipes. Probably, it is the difference between the cooks in thinking, knowledge and experience,” said Song Un Hui, a cook specializing in cold dishes.

The cooks devote their time and energy to get more versed in the dishes in their charge.

So they are now enhancing the fine flavours of such famous traditional dishes as Pyongyang cold noodles and kimchi and other 200-odd kinds of dishes.

The restaurant is also famous for serving fast foods.

As it opened over a dozen years ago, its cooks successfully reproduced the tastes and aroma of world-famous fast foods.

It served more than 10 kinds of fast foods and drinks including hamburger, sandwich and coffee at the beginning and the number has increased to several dozen today using various subsidiary materials.

“Fried chicken is favoured by all. It is most important to fry pieces of chicken laid up spiced until golden brown and crispy on the surface and soft inside,” said O Mun Myong, cook with a special skill in cooking the dish.

The restaurant adds special flavour to potato cream, mushroom cream and other porridges to cater to the old clientele.

Many people visit the restaurant after a day’s work to have dinner with their families or friends.

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