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General Secretary Kim Jong Un Makes Historic Policy Speech

The respected Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and President of the State Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, made a historic policy speech “On the Direction of the Immediate Struggle for New Development of Socialist Construction” at the second-day sitting of the Fifth Session of the 14th Supreme People’s Assembly of the DPRK on September 29.

In the speech he congratulated the deputies who took part in the meeting of the highest organ of state power of the dignified DPRK amid the expectation of tens of millions of people waging an indefatigable labour struggle toward a new great victory with the firm faith in socialism and iron will, and clarified the administrative policies of the DPRK government to powerfully promote the new development of socialist construction in line with the rapidly-changing subjective and objective situations.

He said the construction of socialism of Korean style which has victoriously advanced with the great Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism as a guideline has entered the stage of epochal development of fully applying our state-first principle on the occasion of the Eighth Congress of the WPK and reviewed and analyzed the affirmative changes in all sectors including politics, economy, culture, national defence and external relations.

He stated that on the whole, it can be proudly said that socialism of Korean style is vigorously advancing along the orbit of its development with fresher vigour, relying on our own force that is steadily strengthened.

In the policy speech Kim Jong Un put forward specific policy tasks facing the DPRK government at present.

He said an important task the DPRK government should consistently hold fast to is to keep directing great efforts to strengthening the political and ideological might of socialism of Korean style.

He said our political and ideological might with the single-minded unity of the Party and people as the core is an irresistible force peculiar to Juche Korea and a decisive factor promoting the new development of socialist construction. He touched on more substantially and purposefully doing the work to consolidate the people-first principle as the political climate of our state and as the social customs.

Kim Jong Un mentioned in detail the policy tasks to powerfully propel the independent and overall development of the national economy.

He referred to firmly maintaining the principle of giving precedence over the development of the overall economy to the development of the metal and chemical industries, the main sectors of production for supplying raw materials to the major fields of the national economy.

He said it is necessary to increase the national investment in the electric power and coal industries and directed efforts to strengthening the material and technical foundations and thus fully satisfy not only the present demand but also the future demand of the national economy.

He clarified a task to modernize the railway, the pilot of the national economy, by and large and mentioned that the machine-building industry and information industry should be developed to play an important role in localizing the equipment and modernizing the national economy.

He said the construction sector should complete the construction of dwelling houses in the Songsin and Songhwa areas within this year and start the construction of 10,000 flats at the next stage to build another modern district and street and make a new turning point of the capital city construction while actively introducing fresh architectural form.

He also stressed the need to finish at an early date the construction of the Komdok area which is carried on by the People’s Army and extensively conduct the housing construction in the provinces, cities and counties so that all people can enjoy a civilized life in wonderful houses.

He underscored the need to map out the national master plan for land development properly and do the land management such as afforestation and water conservancy with responsibility in the provinces, cities and counties to remove the danger of damage by flood in the main during the five-year plan period and substantially promote the medium- and long-term green growth plan for renovating the ecological environment of the country and raising the level of urban afforestation.

Kim Jong Un said that decisively improving the guidance and management of the economic work at present is raised as a pressing task in strengthening the independence of the national economy and displaying its potentiality, and explained in detail the methodological issues arising in the role of the Cabinet as control tower for implementing the five-year plan for national economic development.

He said the state guidance over the external economic affairs should be deepened to expand and develop all the trading activities in the direction of decreasing the dependence of the economic sector on import and strengthening its independence and scientific proposals should be studied and applied in real earnest to strengthen the executive ability of the national economic guidance organs and ensure the interests of the working people.

Kim Jong Un said the most important and vital revolutionary task at present in making the new development of socialist construction is to stabilize and improve the people’s living, and indicated specific policy issues for it.

Saying primary efforts should be concentrated on the agricultural development in order to provide the people with a stable and abundant life, he expressed the firm will and determination of the Party to rapidly develop the agricultural production and thus solve the food problem completely in the near future.

Kim Jong Un said the animal husbandry sector should pay attention to decisively increasing the number of goat and cattle, doing rabbit breeding extensively as an all-people campaign, extremely lowering the unit feed and improving the veterinary and anti-epidemic work as demanded by the Party policy on obtaining meat from grass.

He said that it is necessary, in particular, to do substantial work to implement the new child care policy of the Party, treble the nationwide milk production, develop the milk-processing technology and thoroughly ensure the quality of the dairy products.

He noted that we should intensify the fruit and vegetable production, build a lot of large-scale vegetable greenhouse farms and boost the production of industrial crops such as oil-bearing crops and sugar crops so as to make a substantial contribution to the people’s living.

Kim Jong Un concretely indicated the issue on strengthening state assistance to the agricultural sector, the issue on building up the food administration stations well in cities and counties and modernizing the grain-processing process, and important plans and schemes to make it policy and law to supply cement to the cities and counties unconditionally from the coming year to promote the development of local construction and change the appearance of the socialist rural communities.

He mentioned policy tasks to improve the material and cultural life of the people by developing light industry.
Specially referring to increasing the popular character in the production of consumer goods, he presented it as important tasks facing the light industry sector to improve the quality of consumer goods, increase their varieties and lower the cost price.

Kim Jong Un mentioned the policy tasks on directing efforts to the development of fishing industry.

He said the level of civilization of the country is an important criterion estimating the national power and an index showing the prosperity, development and future of the state, and made clear important issues arising in developing all fields of the socialist culture including science, education and public health.

He said the DPRK government with the mission to lead the destiny and mental and cultural life of the people and the posterity along the correct road with responsibility ought to develop the literature and arts, the press and the sports according to the demand and desire of the times, reality and people, and put forward immediate tasks for it.

Kim Jong Un also advanced a task to further strengthen the anti-epidemic work the DPRK government should attach greatest importance to and expect perfection at present.

He touched on consolidating the armed forces of the DPRK in every way and putting the defence industry on a highly Juche-oriented, modern and scientific footing and thus hitting the targets of defence building presented at the Eighth Party Congress with out-and-out practice.

He said it is necessary to strengthen the socialist legal system and further enhance the function and role of the people’s power in conformity with the demand of the times and thus consolidate our political and ideological position and class position in every way.

Kim Jong Un reviewed and estimated the present inter-Korean relations and the situation of the Korean peninsula which are still uneasy and in severe phase of toughness, and clarified the policy toward the south at the present stage.

He said that now in south Korea all sorts of military exercises and moves for arms buildup are undisguised under the pretext of “containing” the DPRK and dishonest speeches irritating and slandering us continue to be made frequently.

He pointed out the attitude of the south Korean authorities who ignored and neglected the causes of the worsened inter-Korean relations though they knew them, and do not show any change. Now the inter-Korean relations are at the crossroads of serious choice of whether to remove the present frozen relations and take the road of reconciliation and cooperation or to keep suffering the pain of division in the vicious cycle of confrontation, he said and made clear the principled issues arising in resolving the inter-Korean relations fundamentally.

He continued: It is important for the south Korean authorities to change their confrontational and habitual attitude toward the DPRK, approach the inter-Korean relations with the attitude to maintain the stand of national independence and solve the fundamental issues first in practice, not by word, and seriously approach and honestly implement the inter-Korean declarations.

We are watching the United States and south Korea which are resorting to the excessive arms buildup evoking concern and conducting military activities of the alliance, destroying the stability and balance around the Korean peninsula and causing dangers of more complicated clashes between the north and the south.

I make clear once again that whether the inter-Korean relations are restored and developed to a new stage or they will be still in the state of deterioration as now depends on the attitude of the south Korean authorities. We have no any purpose and reason of provoking south Korea or any idea of hurting it. South Korea should quickly get rid of the wild dream that it must contain the provocation of north Korea and of the serious consciousness of crisis and damage.

Kim Jong Un expressed a will to restore again the inter-Korean communication liaison lines which had been cut off because of the worsened relations from early October first as part of the efforts to realize the expectation and desire of the whole nation who wants the present tough inter-Korean relations to be rehabilitated as soon as possible and a lasting peace to be settled on the Korean peninsula.

He made an analysis of the present international political situation and said the external affairs sector should more actively cope with the eventful and ever-changing external surroundings.

He said: As the past eight-month course after the appearance of the new US Administration clearly showed, there is no change in the US military threat to and hostile policy toward us at all, and instead, their expressions and methods get more cunning. Now the United States advocates “diplomatic involvement” and “dialogue without precondition”. But it is, to all intents and purposes, no more than a show to cover up their hostile acts and a prolongation of their hostile policy pursued by the successive US Administrations.

Kim Jong Un put forward the task for the external affairs sector to make perfect preparations to take tactical measures for thoroughly implementing the strategic plan of the DPRK government toward the United States on the basis of strictly studying and analyzing in the interconnection the present US Administration’s tendency toward the DPRK, the prospect of the political situation of the United States and the rapidly-changing relations of international forces.

He affirmed that the DPRK government will, in the future, too, develop the good-neighbour relations with all countries of the world which respect the sovereignty of our country and treat us in a friendly way and discharge its responsibility and role in the struggle to defend peace and stability of the Korean peninsula.

He solemnly expressed the firm will that the WPK and the DPRK government would be infinitely faithful to the great people and make greatest efforts to discharge their heavy mission and responsibility. And he ardently called for working hard for the prosperity of the great motherland, the DPRK, for the happiness and well-being of our great people and for the new development of construction of socialism of Korean style under the slogan of “The People Are God”, single-hearted unity and self-reliance.

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