Amusement Facilities He Tried Out Time and Again

The Amusement Park of Kaeson Youth Park is at the foot of Moran Hill in the capital city Pyongyang.

One day in April Juche 99 (2010) the respected Kim Jong Un visited the rebuilt Amusement Park of Kaeson Youth Park in company with the great leader Kim Jong Il.

At a roller coaster, Kim Jong Il was deeply concerned about its safety, saying the people should use it at ease.

At that time, Kim Jong Un headed for the roller coaster.

Officials persuaded him not to get on it, for it was on a trial to verify its safety.

However, he got on it, saying he should try it out first as it should be used by people.

Official An Jong Suk at the Kaeson Youth Park Management Office says: “The respected Kim Jong Un personally took all the amusement facilities on a trial run to confirm their safety.

He called at the Amusement Park again on May 25 that year. Saying he could not feel easy at trying out the nose-diving tower only in one way, he tried it out in three ways before stepping to the triple giant stride.

He stressed to the accompanying officials time and again that it is necessary to make a trial run of the amusement facilities before their operation and check them up on a regular basis lest any incident should occur in the course of operation.”

Kim Jong Un paid a meticulous concern to making the people use the amusement facilities more safely and conveniently.

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