An Artist Distinguishes Himself in Creating Prints

Merited Artist Pak Yong Il, Head of the Print Production Unit of the Korean Central Fine Arts Studio, has created many excellent fine art works including posters, prints and oils by adroitly applying the methods of implication, concentration and emphasis.

In particular, he is well known for his exquisite skill in the creation of prints.

Typical of his works is a print on pine.

To create the work, he made a field survey of regions thick with pines time and again. He also made a detailed study of the historical fact that the Korean people regarded pine as a symbol of the strong spirit and uprightness from olden times, and of the ecological features of pine.

In the course, he could make a good use of the peculiar techniques that represent the space and liveliness vividly and truthfully.

The print on pine was highly estimated by the experts as soon as it was brought out.

Pak Yong Il also wonderfully created the prints “Delight of Agitator”, “Forerunners in the Chollima Movement” and “Construction Site of Thongil Street at Night”, representing the spirit of the times.

More than 10 prints he created are said to have been registered as national possessions.

Pak Yong Il says:

“I thought that we can expect a good result when we make a good use of technique according to a theme.

In the present creation, I have set it as a goal to improve the techniques and choose the colors according to themes.

I will try harder to make a good use of techniques in creation.”

Pak Yong Il distinguishes himself in the creation of prints with his warm sympathy with the reality and high enthusiasm. He is giving full play to his talents in the creation of works.

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