For the Future of a Boy

In December last year Im Kwang Won living in Phyongchon District of Pyongynag City went to the Koryo Medicine General Hospital for appendicectomy. While examining him, doctors discovered scoliosis.

The hospital decided to cure him of scoliosis in the clinical lab of the surgery after the appendicectomy. The most reasonable plan for treatment was worked out in the course of many hours’ consultation.

Knowing that the patient’s condition was too bad for treatment at that time, the doctors and nurses of the lab provided him with a lot of tonics and foods.

In order to mitigate his pain, they spent a lot of time for massage and showed special concern to him missing his parents.

All members of the lab looked after Kwang Won with kindred feelings. Tens of days passed amid their warm love for him.
His parents working at the Kim Jong Thae Electric Locomotive Complex confirmed through film that their son’s bent backbone got straightened, before his discharge from the hospital. They shed tears of joy, hugging their son.

On the day when Kwang Won was leaving the hospital, they shed tears again, seeing their son reluctant to part with the doctors and nurses. It was because they felt grateful to the medical workers who took care of their son’s health and future.

Warm sincerity for the patients is the attribute and life of the public health in our socialist country.

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