Standard Fish Farm of the Country

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is building fish farms in the places with river and sea, reservoir and lake in order to improve the people’s diet. Typically, the Sinchang Fish Farm is a model unit in developing the fish farming of the country.

The farm with a tens of-year-long history has succeeded in the sturgeon breeding for the first time in the DPRK.

In his lifetime the great leader Kim Jong Il visited the farm seven times for field guidance and gave instructions to it hundreds of times, laying a firm foundation for fish farming.

The respected Kim Jong Un called at the farm several times, paying a special attention to it.

When he visited the farm on May 14, Juche 104 (2015), he looked round the fishponds teeming with sturgeon, rainbow trout and Ryongjong fish with an air of satisfaction, saying with pleasure that it was changed beyond recognition as against his previous visit.

At that time, the Sinchang Fish Farm was large-scale in the area of production and output.

Kim Jong Un said the Sinchang Fish Farm has accumulated a rich experience in fish farming and has firm material and technical foundations and stressed the need to set a higher goal and work for it. And he gave concrete instructions on finding out more species of fish growing well in the actual conditions of Korea and her natural conditions and doing labor- and water-saving pisciculture so as to realize the comprehensive mechanization and automation of the fish farm and thoroughly ensure its profitability.

On April 16, Juche 108 (2019) he visited the Sinchang Fish Farm again.

Commanding a bird’s-eye view of the neat fishponds as beautiful as a picture, he highly appreciated the fish farm, saying it is always clean and he likes it.

That day, he brightly indicated a shortcut to develop pisciculture and stressed that the Sinchang Fish Farm should keep taking the lead in putting the fish farming on a Juche-oriented, scientific, modern, industrial and intensive basis.

Today, the Sinchang Fish Farm is a standard fish farm showing the index of the development of fish-breeding technology of Korea and a model and educational unit in developing the pisciculture of the country.

Important issues to develop the fish farming of the country are discussed and set as policies at the Sinchang Fish Farm. The farm is disseminating and generalizing its valuable experiences accumulated in putting the fish farming on a Juche-oriented, scientific, modern, industrial and intensive basis according to the world trend of development of fish farming.

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