Always Full of Dreams

Everyone dreams about his or her future.

Ho Won (pictured), a 23-year-old undergraduate of Kim Il Sung University, always lives in a fantasy world. His dream as a child was to pluck stars from the sky.

From his childhood, he had a dream of becoming a scientist and read books on physics unconditionally. In his schooldays he would concentrate on the unknown world of science after school while others read novels or history books.

When he was 12, the boy, who unusually liked stars, happened to read the book General Knowledge of Astronomy. Reading the book, he came to know that outer space is filled with mysteries. Out of childish curiosity and with a strong desire to explore the universe and pluck stars from it to show his classmates, he decided to write a sci-fi novel. It is about the faraway outer space, black hole, supernova, red giant star and the “blue planet” where it is said aliens live. The first readers of his manuscript were his teacher and classmates, and they discussed on the world of stars with him, giving him their good opinions.

Thanks to his painstaking efforts and the help of his teacher and classmates, he finally completed his first medium-length sci-fi novel.

It became a favourite book of readers.

His dream grew stronger.

Having enrolled at the physics faculty of the aforesaid university as he wished, he majored in computational physics. He spent his spare time writing a sci-fi novel which would give people broad knowledge of science. It was too much for him to write the novel while studying, but he managed to push ahead with study and writing simultaneously.

While having good results in his study he completed his second sci-fi novel three years after his first publication.

His new novel attracted the attention of the literature and physics circles.

Now he never spends his spare time uselessly: He studies photography or goes figure skating at the Ice Rink (Nobody knows when he learned and honed the sport). At home he raises different fish such as goldfish and angelfish, so he is called a goldfish expert.

He is wont to say to his classmates, “It is said that imagination is the mother of creation. It is my determination to translate my imagination into reality on this land, and I think it will make a contribution to bringing earlier the rosy future of my country.”

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