Ground-Breaking Ceremony of Project for Building 10,000 Flats Held in Pyongyang

Modern dwelling houses for 50,000 households representing the noble idea of believing in the people as in heaven and the Juche-oriented architectural aesthetic sense of the Workers’ Party of Korea will be built in Pyongyang City during the period of the new five-year plan according to the grand plan for capital construction presented by the Eighth Congress of the WPK.

The construction of dwelling houses which will demonstrate the national power and socialist civilization is the most important task for the Party and the government. The construction of dwelling houses for 10,000 households in the capital city this year is a grand undertaking to implement the decision of the Second Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Party Central Committee.

A groundbreaking ceremony of the construction was held in the area of Songsin and Songhwa, Sadong District, on the 23rd.

The respected Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and President of the State Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, arrived at the site of the groundbreaking ceremony. The entire participants greeted with stormy cheers Kim Jong Un who is opening a glorious history of the people-first politics.

Present at the ceremony were Jo Yong Won and Kim Tok Hun, Members of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the WPK, Ri Il Hwan and O Su Yong, Secretaries of the Party Central Committee, Kim Yong Hwan, Chief Secretary of the Pyongyang City Party Committee, and officials of the Cabinet, ministries, national agencies and institutions in Pyongyang.

Kwon Yong Jin, Kim Jong Gwan and other officials of the armed forces organs were also present.

Kim Jong Un made a speech expressing ardent love for the people and deep trust in the builders.

The entire participants welcomed his speech with enthusiastic cheers, expressing their firm determination.

Kim Jong Un gave a flag of the command of the construction of dwelling houses for 50,000 households in Pyongyang City to the commanding members.

Vice-Marshal of the Korean People’s Army Kim Jong Gwan, Minister of National Defense, made a speech on behalf of the builders.

He expressed a firm determination to become standard-bearers and heroes in today’s struggle to open a turning point of new victory in the history of socialist construction and create a new Pyongyang speed, fresh miracle of construction, holding high the flag of the command of the construction given by General Secretary Kim Jong Un as the colors of the revolution.

The entire builders solemnly pledged before the Party and people to be the vanguard in implementing the grand fighting program presented by the Party Congress by building the dwelling houses for 10,000 households on the highest level in Pyongyang every year until 2025 marking the 80th founding anniversary of the Party with indomitable offensive spirit and matchless courage, keeping deep in their mind the deep love and trust of General Secretary Kim Jong Un.

Blasting was made announcing the start of the construction.

Many excavators started the work amid high spirit of builders.

Kim Jong Un warmly encouraged the builders who started the responsible and honorable work to implement the promise the WPK made with people in the name of the dignified Party Congress.

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