Paduk Good for Developing Children’s Intelligence

Paduk or go is very effective for developing children’s intelligence. In particular, it is easy to learn and interesting for nursery children.

The weekly nursery in Tongmun-dong No. 2, Taedonggang District, Pyongyang, has taught paduk since a few years ago and every child loves it even though they have different characters, dispositions and natures.

After a month-long study of paduk, they can easily solve problems on a reference book, and even restless children do not feel it boring to learn the game for more than 30 minutes.

According to nursery school teacher Ri Hyon Hwa, children feel most exciting when they capture the opponent’s stone and paduk draws the interest of children as it helps them naturally develop their intelligence.

Those who have learned how to play the game excel in counting, she said, adding that the whole process of paduk playing is associated with counting.

She said that children easily understand the concept of addition and subtraction as they count the number of stones they have captured or lost after counting their numbers in the course of playing the game. As they count the number of captured territory at the end of the game, they raise their counting abilities.

Since the result of the game is decided by the number of captured territories, not by the number of captured stones, children are required to play every move purposefully in constant speculation and they develop their concentration, logical thinking abilities and creative powers in that course, she said.

Many mothers say that their children have changed in character and developed moral traits as they learn paduk.

Ri Hyon Hwa said that paduk makes introvert children cultivate confidence and valour by overcoming timidity and encouraging them to make bold moves, and enables impatient children to cultivate the character of dealing with all affairs with composure. Starting with such a word of greeting as “Teach me a lot”, the game ends with greetings, she explained, noting that when the opponent is older or has higher moves, the other player invites him to use white stones. As the game helps players accustom themselves to the moral sense, paduk makes it possible to build up moral character, she added.

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