Noble Idea of the Great Leader Seen Through the Design of the Korean Map Installed in the Background of the Meeting Hall of the North-South Joint Meeting

By Kim Kyong Ra, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Kim Il Sung University

The great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung said as followed in the report “Political situation of north Korea” he made on 21st of April, Juche 37 (1948) in the Joint Meeting of the Representatives of the Political Parties and the Social Organizations of north and south Korea.

“This conference is of great importance, both internally and externally. It is significant, first of all, in that representatives of political parties and public organizations in north and south Korea are getting together for the first time since the country’s liberation from the colonial rule of Japanese imperialism. This north-south joint conference is also significant in that it is being held at a time when the US imperialists have occupied the southern half of the country and are openly attempting to reduce south Korea to the status of a colony, in other words, at a grave moment when the danger of national division is imminent.” (“Kim Il Sung Works” Vol 4, P 223)

The great leader proposed to convene in Pyongyang the Joint Meeting of the Representatives of the Political Parties and Social Organizations of north and south Korea and made ceaseless efforts to ensure that the meeting proved to be that of the grand national unity. He said that we had to prevent the danger of national division and show to the whole world that the Korean issue should be solved by the Korean people itself.

The great leader said that we should make sure that south Korean representatives feel brotherly love through their visits to different parts of north Korea and gain confidence that when Korean nation is united we could surely achieve independence of the country and develop the country into a strong and civilized state. He also personally chose where the meeting would take place and took initiative and wisely led the work of what picture would be installed on the background of the platform of the meeting hall where the joint meeting would be held.

He also mentioned that Moranbong Theatre would very well serve the purpose as the venue for the meeting since the location could give the representatives from the south a chance to look around old walls, Ulmil Pavilion and Choesung Pavilion that represent the wisdom of our ancestors and encourage them to take active part in the meeting with feelings of pride and dignity of being Korean nation as well as feelings of love for the country.

All the officials admired at the farsightedness and intelligence of the great leader who chose Moranbong Theatre as the venue for the meeting and decided to refurbish the theatre befitting to the meeting hall as was wished by the great leader.

After choosing the location of the meeting the great leader gave instructions that an imposing three-dimensional Korean map was installed at the background of the platform of the meeting hall so that it could exert great ideological influence on the participants of the joint meeting.

Actually, until then, the officials concerned and the designers sat down together several times to discuss what would be the subject of the background picture. At first some people suggested drawing flowers of rose of Sharon while others proposed drawing Mt. Kumgang, the famous mountain of Korea. The others gave opinion that it would be better not to install any decorations at all as they would only provoke right-wing participants. The discussions were going nowhere.

When the great leader found out that the issue was not settled yet, he gave wise instructions that we ought to use the Korean map as the background, saying that only then could we give visual impression to the participants that our country was an unbreakable whole.

Indeed, his suggestion was the perfect background design that conformed to the nature of the joint meeting.

He said that the relief map-style background decoration should be made in such a way that was impressive visually and deep in meaning. He gave detailed instructions that the map should not just be represented in contours, but should show the mountain ranges, the backbone of the country, and big rivers and fields. He taught: the mountain ranges of our country are all connected from Hamgyong and Rangnim Mountains of the north to Thaebaek Mountains and down to Sobaek Mountains; Han River, Ryesong River and Rimjin River originated from the north and flew to the south, while Cholwon and Yonbaek plains were situated both in the north and the south; whoever saw the map bearing the geographical features of the country would be able to feel in his or her bones that our country was an integrated whole that could not be divided and our nation a homogenous one that could not be separated.

It was truly the noble idea born of exceptional wisdom that could only be possessed by the great man who restored the independence of the country with great love for the nation and people.

Realizing that the to-be-installed Korean map bore such great meaning, the designers and mechanists worked day and night to complete the background map. The map installed against the blue background with mountain ranges and plains and rivers depicted in relief gave the beholders the sublime impression that they were looking over the whole country that rose up in the middle of the sea.

In early April, Juche 37 (1948) the great leader even personally mounted the theatre stage and observed the relief Korean map. He said that the map was clearly underlining the main theme of the meeting which was that Korea is one and that the entire Korean nation should unite for the reunified fatherland. He also added that the map was silently doing the political work towards the participants in the meeting.

This way the great leader settled the once-complicated issue of the platform background and it was thanks to his wise leadership that the April North-South Joint Meeting that pressed for the nation wide grand unity was held successfully in Moranbong Theatre in full preparation.

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