A Kind-Hearted Girl

On the evening of January 12 this year, a disabled soldier could not take steps due to severe pain in his leg.

At that moment, a girl rushed towards him and took him to a nearby hospital for treatment. But he and his family members could not know who she was. Later, they came to know that she was Rim Song Yon (pictured) living in Pothonggang District, Pyongyang.

Rim works at the institute of public health business economics under the Ministry of Public Health.

She always looks after war veterans and disabled soldiers whenever an occasion offers. On rest days or holidays, she often visits their homes to get familiar with their inconvenience and provide them with nutritious foodstuffs.

“My daughter’s first birthday costume and a padded clothes favoured by my wife are associated with her warm sincerity,” said Choe Jae Sik, a special-class disabled soldier.

“At first, we did not know about her deeds. Every evening after day’s work, she would go somewhere hastily. When I asked her where she was going, she would say that she was going to her elder brother’s or grandfather’s home,” said the director of her institute. Several years later, employees of the institute came to know her deeds and realize that she helped many disabled soldiers and war veterans.

“We can now lead a happy life as war veterans and disabled soldiers fought self-sacrificingly and worked hard for the country. It is the natural obligation of our young people to respect and take good care of them, I think,” said Rim Song Yon.

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