Institute Works to Protect Architectural Environment

Researchers conduct a test on building materials at the environmental hygiene institute under the Paektusan Institute of Architecture.

Green architecture has become the main trend for the development of modern architectural technology as it saves energy, land, water and other resources to the maximum, while minimizing effect on environment, and provides suitable and effective living space for human health and activities.

“In the formation of green architecture, it is important to inspect and certify construction and building materials according to the certification standard set by the state,” said Ryom Chang Min, director of the environmental hygiene institute of the Paektusan Institute of Architecture.

The institute conducts research into the physical, chemical and biological conditions of architectural environment.

It developed a finishing building material inspection and architectural environment inspection system for the application of green architecture.

The system can evaluate the health security and functionality of finishing building materials by measuring the content of formaldehyde, heavy metals and effective radiation for such main building materials as cement, sand and gravel, stone ornamental materials, all kinds of lagging materials and wooden building materials and functional building materials like paint and wallpaper.

It also checks water and air quality and inspects physical environment including noise, electromagnetic field and harmful earth wave.

The institute evaluated the green architecture for major national construction sites by introducing the system.

In addition, it develops various green architectural products.

An indoor air conditioner, which removes dust and harmful and polluted substances that are discharged from fixture and furniture to ensure fresh air, a mineral polymer block which was made of different locally-available mineral materials and diverse waste materials without using cement, wood insect-detecting device for checking insects in the wood and wooden products by way of sound detection to completely kill wood insects there in a short time, and a microwave wood insect control machine are the results of painstaking efforts of the researchers.

Especially, the institute developed various capacity antiseptic solution generating devices that can raise its density over two times by reducing the consumption of salt, electric power and electrode to introduce them into the gym and schoolchildren’s camp in the City of Samjiyon, Ryanggang Province, and other facilities.

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