Foreign Affairs

Japan Should Face up to Trend of Times: KCNA Commentary

The Korean Central News Agency released a commentary under the title “Japan must clearly see the general trend of the times and act with discretion”.

The commentary reads:

From the outset of the year Japan is doing only wrong things while speaking ill of others.

Recently, the Japanese Defence Minister Kishi said “they are devoting themselves to gathering and analyzing the information of the military movements of north Korea”.

It is no more than a scream of those dumbstruck before our most powerful arms which are strengthened and developed at a rapid speed the world does not know.

Today the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has stockpiled its tremendous military muscle that can firmly defend socialism, the dignity and life of the Korean people, and provide an eternal guarantee to their peaceful and stabilized life.

Japan has persisted in its vicious moves against the DPRK while spying it out all the year round by mobilizing all sorts of spying means including espionage satellite. Now Japan is inciting hostile feelings against the DPRK again because the latter’s national defence force, which can gain a preemptive control of any threat of the hostile forces out of territory, does not allow Japan’s ambition for invasion of the continent but firmly defends the regional peace and security.

It is only the peace-disturbing forces including the Japanese reactionaries that speak ill of the DPRK, feeling uneasy at its measures to strengthen defence capability for defending the sovereignty of the country and its rights to existence and development.

Japan must clearly see the general trend of the times and act with discretion.

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