Parka Worn by Kim Jong Il During His Field Guidance

In his lifetime the great leader Kim Jong Il would put on a parka during his field guidance, which is still remembered by the Korean people.

He, not in formal dress, but in simple parka, visited out-of-the-way mountain villages and far-off forefront posts to call on people and soldiers.

It was in the 1980s that he began to wear the parka for the first time.

When the great leader Kim Il Sung came back from his foreign trip between mid-May and early in July Juche 73 (1984), Kim Jong Il prepared a new suit with turndown collar for him who had worn close-buttoned jacket during his foreign trip. Presenting the new suit to Kim Il Sung, he earnestly said: In place of you I will put on the combat jacket all my life and work hard for the people. So you should work taking frequent breaks, wearing a suit with turndown collar and a necktie.

Already at that time Kim Jong Il was wearing the parka and since then, Kim Il Sung wore the suit with turndown collar.

Researcher Ri Un Hyok at the Korean Revolution Museum says:

“The great Kim Jong Il would say the parka is as good as a combat jacket and he would wear it all his life.

It is still fresh in my memory that he gave field guidance to a number of units for a day alone, leading the people across the country to make miracles and innovations.”

One day, when Juche 99 (2010) was coming to a close, officials told him that they would like to present him with the marshal’s uniform.

But Kim Jong Il said: I like this parka. I feel easy when I wear this jacket familiar with our people.

Putting on the parka all his life, Kim Jong Il made an uninterrupted journey of field guidance for the people and the country.

The Korean people still remember the kindhearted Kim Jong Il in simple and ordinary parka.

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