Freedom of Ideas and Religious Belief in DPRK

In the DPRK all the people are fully provided by law with the rights to choose and believe in ideas and religion according to their own will.

In the DPRK church is strictly separated from the State, and all citizens are fully guaranteed freedom of religious belief.

The State is guided by the Juche idea, a man-centred idea that man is the master of everything and decides everything.

Accordingly, all the Korean people choose and firmly believe in by themselves the Juche idea which thoroughly champions the independence of a social being and provides genuine human rights, and think and act as required by the idea.

All citizens can choose and believe in any kind of religion freely true to their faith according to the law of the State and hold a service, rite and ceremony officially, privately, independently or together with other people. They have freedom to build structures for religious purpose.

The DPRK does not force people to believe in or not to believe in any religion. Moreover, it does not oppose, persecute, oppress or restrict religion and religious believers.

But it strictly prohibits such acts as abusing religion to usher in outside forces or undermine the State and social orders and never allows such acts as fostering and circulating reactionary ideas against human rights, including racism and national chauvinism.

At present, there are the Christian Federation of Korea, the Buddhist Federation of Korea, the Catholic Association of Korea, the Chondoist Association of Korea and the Religious Believers Council of Korea in the DPRK.

Such organizations of religious believers have well-knit structures, church, publications and educational institutions and freedom in their activities, and conduct cooperation and exchange with their counterparts around the world.

There are Pongsu Church, Chilgol Church and Jangchung Cathedral in the country.

Categories: Education, Human Rights

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