Yangdok Hot Spring Resort Opens

There began services at the Yangdok Hot Spring Resort which was built into a comprehensive center for hot spring cure, multi-functional sports and cultural complex conducive to promoting the civilized life and health of the people.

Many people from Pyongyang, Nampho, Wonsan, Jongju, Yonsan, Hongwon, Kanggye, and other areas visit the hot spring resort in Onjong-ri, Yangdok County.

They include families of soldiers and shock brigade members who took part in the construction of the resort and the labor innovators in South Phyongan Province.

The indoor and outdoor spas are crowded with people having a hot spring bath.

Laughing of people resounds in the ski ground.

Colorful sports and cultural life including table-tennis, indoor golf and video games give indelible impression to people.

Meanwhile, service began at the hot spring spa in the township of Yangdok County.

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