Coalminers Enjoy Recreation At Holiday Camp


Coalminers enjoy themselves at the coalminers’ holiday camp of the Pukchang Area Youth Coal-mining Complex.

With a total floor space of 2,350 square metres, the holiday camp is divided into a service building and a gym. While the service building is provided with all conditions to offer every convenience to vacationers, the outdoor sports ground and resting park are well suited for relaxation.

The complex’s labour innovators refresh themselves there together with their families.

According to Jong Hak Gyun, director of the holiday camp, special attention is being paid to diversifying the daily schedule of coalminers so that they can have a pleasant time at the camp.

“We’ve been much moved by the sincerity of attendants and cooks who do their best for our convenience and this adds more to our pride and honour as coalminers,” said Kim Ryong Nam, pitman from the Inpho Youth Coal Mine.

The holidaymakers relish different kinds of dishes at every meal thanks to the excellent service of chefs.

They play volleyball, basketball, table tennis, tennis and badminton amid the enthusiastic cheering of other campers.

The swimming competition and other amusement games would always leave a funny story at the swimming and wading pool area, said lifeguard Kim Ok Byol.

According to her, a camper who hasted to overtake others became out of breath and was dragged out of the pool in a swimming match and another camper sank into the water as he tried to catch a ball, creating uproars of laughter.

The recreation hall on the first floor is an arena for Korean chess and yut games. The most spectacular is the yut between couples and between groups of males and females.

In the evening, the camp resounds with beautiful songs of the campers. They sing of the honour and pride of being coalminers contributing to the country’s power industry in solo, duet and chorus at the karaoke lounge.

“Every camping day is so pleasurable that I can’t feel the passage of time, but I do feel the warm sincerity of the camp staff and officials of the complex who take good care of us,” said Jo Kwang Il, tunnelling worker at the Songnam Youth Coal Mine, adding he would work hard to produce more coal in future.

The camping is provided free of charge at state expense.

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