Like Parents of Students

Officials of the Narae Ceramic Factory are rendering a lot of assistance to improving their local community and building a brighter future.

Info Clip: Ryonpho Greenhouse Farm

Former military base transformed into enormous modern greenhouse farm is set to satisfy the vegetable demand for Hamhung City and other areas.

5,500 Farm Machines Tell

The thousands of advanced farming machines sent to farmers in South Hwanghae Province reflect the care and concern of the state.

Developers of Anticancer Pills

Researchers at the Koryo Medicine General Hospital are intensifying studies into cancer treatments using traditional Koryo medicines.

Able Researchers

At the Mineral Material Laboratory of Kim Chaek University of Technology, researchers buckle down to solve many arising sci-tech obstacles.

Faithful Devotion

Sin Hyank Ok has been a dentist for over two decades and has proven herself to be an innovator for the people’s health and convenience.

Video: Sapling Production Increases

Many different areas are increasing sapling production to turn all the mountains of the country into golden and treasured mountains.

A School with Many Extracurricular Clubs

The Jungsin Senior Middle School in Pyongyang is expanding the number of extracurricular clubs to train more students with versatile knowledge.

A Woman With Many Children

Kim Sol Hyang gave birth to just one son. But today she can say that she has many children who look up to her as mother.

Flocks of Sheep Graze on Muwon Tableland

Changsong County puts a lot of efforts into the breeding of sheep and other livestock to develop the region according to its unique characteristics.

Conspicuous Scene

Changsong County of North Pyongan Province is changing into a better place to live with the development of its local stockbreeding industry.


For nearly 70 years the Taedonggang Aggregate Station has significantly contributed to the construction sites of Pyongyang.

Info Clip: Burden and Benefit

The DPRK government admirably continues to grow expenditures in education and childcare.

DPRK FM Issues Press Statement

Foreign Minister warns United States again to rethink its provocative war moves as the security crisis approaches a new peak.

Talented Artist Hwang Min

Hwang Min has been painting for more than 30 years and he continues his passionate work to add luster to the art of traditional Korean painting.

Small Nursery

In People’s Neighborhood No. 33 of Pyongyang you’ll find a small nursery growing trees like peach, juniper, chestnut, and fir.

Potato Putting On a White Cap

Kim Jin Sun of the Korean Industrial Design Studio is known for designing a now famous trademark logo of the DPRK

A Woman Scientist Living for the Future

Merited Scientist Yu Son Ok is now nearing 70, but she is still expanding the scope of her researches, tireless in her scientific persuits.

They Build Up Treasure Mountains

The Jagang Provincial Forest Science Institute is intensifying its research into afforestation according to regional climate and soil conditions.

Dairy Products Increase

The Kyenam Livestock Farm in South Hwanghae Province is raising milk production through modernization of their equipment and processes.

Turf Researchers

Researchers of the Pyongyang Turf Institute are playing a leading role in urban afforestation and greening conducive to the environment.

American Hope Gone With Ian

The stark contrasts between how the people’s interests are protected under capitalism and socialism are becoming more vivid due to climate change.

An Old Man Keeping Bees

Ri Son of Mangyongdae District is known to his community as a talented and passionate beekeeper who has contribute to the development of apiculture.

Basketball Team of Working Women

Women workers of the Pyongchon District General Grocer’s Shop have formed teams for basketball, volleyball, table tennis, and tug of war.

For Youth and Beauty

Hukjinju cosmetics are gaining popularity in the DPRK, and they are associated with the hard work of its developer Son Ryon Hwa.

High Ideal and Goal

The Electronic Automation Designing Institute is making continuous breakthroughs through collaboration and cooperation.

May Day Significantly Marked in DPRK

Holiday of the world working class marked in all parts of the DPRK with mass sport games and art performances on working people’s day off.

May Day

May Day in the DPRK is another beautiful modern manifestation of the military might, solidarity, and unity of the world working class.

Brisk Early Musical Education

In the DPRK, early education is thoroughly planned for the training of future talents, and many musical talents are now blooming across the country.

6th Session of 14th SPA of DPRK held

Deputies meet at the Mansudae Assembly Hall to review the Cabinet’s work, the budget, and discuss childcare and overseas Koreans rights.

Letter to PRC Olympic Committee

Offering its support to the success of the Beijing Games, the DPRK expresses its intentions to not participate owing to the worsening worldwide pandemic.

Aquarium of the Central Zoo

The aquarium of the Central Zoo in Pyongyang is home to a wide variety of amphibians, reptiles, invertebrates, and over 90 species of fish.

In the Van

Like many other young people in the DPRK today, Pae Ji Song is studying hard at university to take on the role of vanguard in socialist construction.

Girl Fell Victim to Violent Culture

The death of Valentina Peralta, another innocent victim of state slaughter in the United States, again exposes the true nature of US-style “democracy”.

Torch Given to Young People

As the country faced its toughest trials, the Korean youth took their place in the vanguard of socialist construction holding high the torch of revolution.

Development, Creation and Pride

The Jiu Economic Technology Development Company in the DPRK created the now popular computer virus scanner “Jiu” in late 2019.

Thankful for the Socialist Health System

Beginning last year Hong Jong Chol’s eyesight deteriorated rapidly and he was rushed to hospital for hours-long surgeries in intensive care.

People Creating Dense Forests

Hoechang County has made a remarkable ecological recovery from the harsh 1990s to be densely covered in tall lush trees.


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