High Ideal and Goal

The Electronic Automation Designing Institute is making continuous breakthroughs through collaboration and cooperation.

May Day Significantly Marked in DPRK

Holiday of the world working class marked in all parts of the DPRK with mass sport games and art performances on working people’s day off.

May Day

May Day in the DPRK is another beautiful modern manifestation of the military might, solidarity, and unity of the world working class.

Brisk Early Musical Education

In the DPRK, early education is thoroughly planned for the training of future talents, and many musical talents are now blooming across the country.

6th Session of 14th SPA of DPRK held

Deputies meet at the Mansudae Assembly Hall to review the Cabinet’s work, the budget, and discuss childcare and overseas Koreans rights.

Letter to PRC Olympic Committee

Offering its support to the success of the Beijing Games, the DPRK expresses its intentions to not participate owing to the worsening worldwide pandemic.

Aquarium of the Central Zoo

The aquarium of the Central Zoo in Pyongyang is home to a wide variety of amphibians, reptiles, invertebrates, and over 90 species of fish.

In the Van

Like many other young people in the DPRK today, Pae Ji Song is studying hard at university to take on the role of vanguard in socialist construction.

Girl Fell Victim to Violent Culture

The death of Valentina Peralta, another innocent victim of state slaughter in the United States, again exposes the true nature of US-style “democracy”.

Torch Given to Young People

As the country faced its toughest trials, the Korean youth took their place in the vanguard of socialist construction holding high the torch of revolution.

Development, Creation and Pride

The Jiu Economic Technology Development Company in the DPRK created the now popular computer virus scanner “Jiu” in late 2019.

Thankful for the Socialist Health System

Beginning last year Hong Jong Chol’s eyesight deteriorated rapidly and he was rushed to hospital for hours-long surgeries in intensive care.

People Creating Dense Forests

Hoechang County has made a remarkable ecological recovery from the harsh 1990s to be densely covered in tall lush trees.

For Supremacy in the Aerial Stunt

DPRK acrobatic and circus performances are garnering ever greater appreciation in world art circles and winning many prizes and festivals.

High-Yielding Workteam Leader

Choe Chol was appointed as leader of workteam No. 2 of the Puhung Cooperative Farm in Unsan County over 10 years ago.

For Development of New Products

The Pyongyang Essential Oil Factory has developed 10 new kinds of essential oils using natural spices like coriander and peppermint.

Marine Resources Increase

Through the dedicated efforts of fish farmers, just recently over 15 million fry and shellfish were released into the Taedong and Potong Rivers.

Happiest Day

Along the east coast of the DPRK you will find peculiar buildings resembling sailboats cutting their way through the waves of the East Sea of Korea.

Flowers Bloom in Midwinter

Since the start of 2022 many Pyongyangites have been flocking to the flower exhibition house in Potonggang District.

After More Than 100 Experiments

The Pyongyang Han Tok Su University of Light Industry has recently self-developed a new tanning agent using only local materials.

Pride and Honour of Life

Hyon Myong Hui, head of Sopho Nursery No. 1 in Pyongyang, today holds the proud title of meritorious person of socialist patriotism.

A Talented Woman Technician

Kim Yong Chun has worked at the Pyongyang Building Stone Factory for over 20 years, an honorable contribution to her collective.

Precious Guideline

The WPK as a grassroots political party is only as strong as its lowest levels of organization, just as the body is composed of many different cells.

Those Who Work at Midnight

As the citizens of Pyongyang go to sleep, workers of the streetcar line repair station ready themselves for another night of work.

We Are Members of a Large Harmonious Family

In the DPRK workplaces are where one finds meaning, friendship, and love, sharing sweets and bitters as one family united in thought and purpose.

New Variety, Pride of an Institute

Researchers of the Pyongyang Vegetable Science Institute recently developed a new variety of hot pepper with a yield 1.5 times of those before.

Finding Pleasure in His Job

Doctor Ri Jong Hyok finds his deepest pleasure and source of meaning in the selfless service he gives for the people’s health and happiness.

Always Thinking of Gold Medal

Dr. An Jong Hui, Deputy Head of the Pyongyang Sports Team, is dedicating herself for the health and success of her motherland’s sportspersons.

Book: 2020 A Year of Trials and Struggle

Overcoming manifold difficulties, the Korean people closed 2020 with numerous historic achievements in the work to build a prosperous socialist coutnry.

Our Leader Followed by the People 

Knowing that he will always uphold their interests and dignity as most sacred, the Korean people unwaveringly follow Marshal Kim Jong Un.

Merited Sculpture Production Company

The Merited Sculpture Production Company under the Mansudae Art Studio has produced masterful sculptors for over 60 years.

I Hear Violin Sounds with All My Heart

Comrade Kim Sung Il at the Korean Art Association of the Disabled has overcome all challenges to be an acclaimed violin maker.

October Holiday of People

The WPK was born and exists for the people, to make selfless devoted efforts for them, and October 10 is its glorious birthday.

Spotlight: Ullim Falls

Waterfall in Kangwon Province of the DPRK one of the most beautiful in all of Korea surrounded by cliffs and forests.

Friendly Neighbours

In a society permeating with love, neighbors look after and care for one another, sharing sweets and bitters as one family.

Rural Village Good to Live in

Poman-ri in North Hwanghae Province is today a vibrant rural community undergoing vast changes since Korea’s liberation.

Honorary Title of the WPK

Doing everything it can to live up to the people’s sacred trust and expectations, the Party exists as a servant of the masses.

Chess War Attracts Many People

Gaming apps are rapidly growing in popularity in the DPRK, and among the most popular is Korean chess.

Calculation Method of Our Party

Though their country is not under favorable conditions, the state still spends colossal sums for the people’s comfort and happiness.


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