Below is a list of many incredible documentaries from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and world progressives striving for peace and independence. We hope that you find this list useful in your research, ideological education, and will amply provide you with a new perspective of matters on the Korean peninsula shared by over 25 million of its native citizens.



“My Socialist Country” (1992)

“Loyal Citizens of Pyongyang in Seoul”

“An African American’s Journal Inside North Korea”

“Inerasable Crimes of Japan”

“Who Started The Korean War?”

“Welcome of Korea”

“The US Imperialist Aggressor Army Under The Cloak Of UN Forces”

“Korean Socialism Which Guarantees Full Human Rights”

“Korea: Turning Sorrow Into Strength & Courage”

“Who Drew The 38th Parallel Demarcation Line?”

“‘Long Live the Workers’ Party of Korea’ shouted in northern area”

“Answer of Korea”

“DPRK Victorious on the Strength of Single-Hearted Unity”



Short Informational Clips

“Worker Deputy”

“West Sea Barrage”

“Monument to Party Founding”

“Tower of the Juche Idea”

“Fatherland Liberation War Martyrs Cemetery”

“Jangchon Vegetable Cooperative Farm”

“A Poet With Disability”

“Springtime Vegetables”

“Flag of the DPRK”

“Arch of Triumph”

“Ryuwon Footwear Factory”

“Rosy Is Our Future”

“Friendship Tower”

“Phungsan, National Dog of the DPRK”

“Pine Tree, National Tree of the DPRK”

“Three Charters for National Reunification Memorial”

“Paektusan Secret Camp”