In Six Years Time after Graduation from the University

Doctor Pak Kum Ju in her 20s loved by the collective is found at the Quality Control Faculty of the Pyongyang University of Publishing and Printing Industry.

She developed a new quality control system suited to the actual conditions of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Already in her university days she distinguished herself at academic contests. So she was called a brilliant girl by teachers and students.

When she was a student of the graduating class, she was enrolled in a group of teachers and researchers to participate in the scientific research for the modernization of the Ryuwon Footwear Factory. At the factory she skillfully solved some issues arising in putting the quality control on a scientific basis and thus was awarded a scientific pursuit prize for students.

She became a teacher of her alma mater after graduating from the university. But she did not stop her research.

With the ambition to solve on a world level the issues arising in putting the quality control on a scientific footing, she delved into preceding literature to further expand her research. Calling at industrial establishments constantly, she thought over and over to formulate new ideas in a scientific way.

In six years’ time after her graduation from the university, she developed a quality control system which subdivided and classified the general contents of the quality control and introduced anew up-to-date tools and methods for quality control. She was awarded a doctorate in October Juche 111 (2022) according to a decision of the State Commission for Conferment of Academic Degrees and Titles of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Teacher Pak Kum Ju says:

“Head Pak Kyong Hui and other teachers of my department and teachers of the faculty solved a lot of problems arising in the academic aspect, on-the-spot introduction and theoretical research.

As a result, I could be awarded the doctorate thanks to the trust and help of my faculty and university, not by my own efforts.”

The collective’s trust in and expectation for Doctor Pak Kum Ju are growing day by day.

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