His Noble Intention for the Okryu Restaurant

Mun Kyong Ho, Manager of the Okryu Restaurant, says:

Today, many people come to the Okryu Restaurant to take the Pyongyang Cold Noodle.

Looking at them, I warmly feel the loving care of the great leader Kim Jong Il who devoted his life to the people.

Kim Jong Il came out to the remodeled restaurant on June 5, Juche 97 (2008).

On the unforgettable day, he looked round the exterior and interior of the restaurant combining the national classical beauty and modernity and showing the elegance, magnificence and delicacy in good harmony, and expressed satisfaction over the restaurant rebuilt on the highest level and perfectly even in the distant future.

In retrospect, he made great painstaking efforts to build the restaurant wonderfully.

He took kind measures to rebuild the restaurant more wonderfully enough to have the value of national treasure and organized a powerful group of builders. And he gave concrete guidance concerning the reconstruction of the restaurant, acquainting himself with its project.

Thanks to his warm love and meticulous care for the people, the Okryu Restaurant could be face-lifted as a public catering service centre which has brilliantly embodied the idea of the Workers’ Party of Korea on architectural beauty.

That day, Kim Jong Il said it is necessary to conduct more positive service activities for the people as the Okryu Restaurant on the bank of the picturesque Taedong River has been rebuilt on a modern basis, and gave specific tasks and ways for it.

We are replete with a determination to play our role as true servants of the people and thus brilliantly realize his desire to make the people enjoy themselves at the Okryu Restaurant.

The Okryu Restaurant will shine brighter as a pride of Pyongyang, telling his noble intention and love to the world.

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