Bronze Decoration of Duo Feat

The bronze decoration of duo feat is relics of Ancient Joson, the first slave state in the Korean history, which was founded in the early 30th century B.C. and existed until 108 B.C.

It was unearthed in a dolmen about 5,000 years ago in Sangwon County of North Hwanghae Province.

Researcher Kim Yong Gun at the Archaeological Institute under the Academy of Social Sciences says:

“The bronze decoration of duo feat is 4.8 centimetres high, 5.1 centimetres wide and 1.8~2.5 millimeters thick. There are some vestiges of casting on its edge.

It depicts a feat that two persons with their legs inside bound stand shoulder to shoulder, showing tricks with rings in their hands and turning rings with their legs outside.

Wavy curves were formed down from their shoulders, showing the high artistry of the clowns stimulating the interest of the audience in rhythm.

The bronze decoration of duo feat is one of the valuable archaeological materials showing well the living customs, distinguished workmanship and optimistic and emotional art activities of people in those days.”

The bronze decoration of duo feat shows that circus was a form of the social activities at that time and the national circus of Korea has long developed on a high level on its basis.

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