Universal Free Medical Care System Most Popular with People

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
February 25, Juche 112 (2023)

It has been 70 years now since the universal free medical care system was introduced in our country. The DPRK regards promoting people’s welfare as the supreme principle of its activities. Through the universal free medical care system, the Party and the state perfectly and equally ensure the medical rights of the people at the highest level.

President Kim Il Sung saw to it that a decree on introducing universal free medical care system at the state’s expense from January, 1953 was promulgated at the plenary meeting of the Cabinet of the DPRK which was held in November 1952 at the height of the war.

Even though he was so busy in the post-war period, he visited curative and preventive medical organizations of the country to take proactive measures for complete and universal introduction of the free medical care system.

On this basis, he proclaimed that complete and universal free medical care would be introduced to provide all medical services free of charge at the Seventh Session of the Second Supreme People’s Assembly of the DPRK held in February 1960.

This has enabled the previous universal free medical care system where the subject of application and range of free medical service had been the main issue to be improved as a complete and universal one which gives a priority to raising the conditions and quality of medical services.

In the middle of 1980s, the specialized health service network, inclusive of children’s health service network, women’s health service network, Koryo therapy network was set up ranging from the central level down to province, city (district), county and ri levels. At the end of 2012, a telemedicine system based on advanced technology was established connecting the central hospitals with hospitals in every province, city (district) and county.

Medical training bases including medical colleges were established in each province. Together with this, the independent and modern pharmaceutical factory, medical appliances factory, Koryo medicine factory and specialized herb farm at city (district) and county level sprang up, thus providing a sufficient material and technical basis to ensure the universal free medical care system at the highest-level.

Entering the new century, Chairman Kim Jong Il visited several units including Kim Il Sung University, Pyongyang University of Medicine, Hamhung University of Medicine, Hungnam Pharmaceutical Factory, Kanggye Koryo Medicine Factory and set forth tasks of further improving the public health as required by the times.

Today, the public healthcare has entered new heyday thanks to the personal care and energetic guidance of respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who gives top priority to the interests of the people.

During the past 10 years, Munsu area of Pyongyang City has been transformed into a perfect hospital district outfitted with modern medical services. This includes Okryu Children’s Hospital, Ryugyong Dental Hospital, Ryugyong General Ophthalmic Hospital and Munsu Functional Rehabilitation Clinic. On the other hand, many health establishments such as Myohyangsan Medical Appliances Factory, Pyongyang Pharmaceutical Factory, Medical Oxygen Factory, which have been renovated and modernized, are now contributing to the promotion of the people’s health.

Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, at a Party meeting which was held at the end of last year, clearly indicated the direction for innovating and developing the public health onto a new high stage.

The socialist public health system will shine forever, enhancing the pleasure of our people.

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