To Train Pupils as Creative Talents

In recent years, unique nature programs have been made and used for teaching the third-, fourth-, and fifth-year primary school pupils in the field of general education of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Nature program is an IT product for developing the positive cognition faculty of the pupils and turning the process of learning into that of inquiry by enabling them to acquire new knowledge and practical information through experiments of making and experiencing natural objects and phenomena around them.

Those programs were made by teachers of the Ryomyong Primary School in Taesong District of the capital city Pyongyang.

One day, they suggested making educational programs helpful to developing the inquiring ability of the pupils through experiments in nature class. Officials of the school organized a program-making team with excellent teachers in order to raise the efficiency of teaching in the subject of nature.

The members of the team designed the educational contents of the programs in a peculiar way and adopted the form of cartoon according to the psychology of the primary school pupils. And they found out ways for making pupils think on their own initiative when they and teacher raise points in question to each other and try to solve them. They also solved in a flexible way the technical problems arising in shooting, recording and editing by their own efforts and wisdom and finally made unique nature programs.

They applied those programs to the teaching and found that the pupils understood the content of experiment better than before and their conception, inquiry and practicability were remarkably raised in the course of experiment.

The educators of the school are now making painstaking efforts to produce new multimedia and educational programs in order to train the pupils as creative talents.

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