New Flower Species Bred in DPRK

The Pyongyang Floriculture Institute in the DPRK has made achievements in breeding and cultivating flowers of various species.

Last year alone, the institute introduced various breeding methods to acclimatize the world-famous flower seeds to the conditions of the country, and registered 10-odd new species as national ones.

It bred new varieties of Matthiola incana and thus made it possible to grow the flowers in a plastic sheet greenhouse without a heating system in the wintertime, and opened up prospects for doubling the production of high-quality flowers in the same greenhouse area and with the same labor.

Varieties of perpetual begonia of different colors suited for flower beds and pots have been newly bred.

Among the new breeds are Gaillardia asiatata “Sachol” that blooms long and resists high temperature and humidity and Petunia hybrida “Jinbunhongsaek” of high ornamental value.

The institute has also produced new cactuses by grafting different species.

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