Namhung Seething with Fertilizer Production

The Namhung Youth Chemical Complex has launched a dynamic campaign of collective innovation from the outset of the year, with an enthusiasm to adorn this year, the third year of implementing the five-year plan, with proud labour successes.

The management of the complex have set high targets according to stages and processes for achieving the sustainable development and are making scrupulous arrangements so as to raise the soaring spirit of the working masses who have turned out in the struggle to carry out the decisions of the Sixth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

The complex is pushing forward the production based on science and technology and in the spirit of self-reliance.

The moulding and gas generating workshops have upgraded the operation manuals of machines to improve the quality of coal rods and increase the gas production.

Workers and technicians at the urea and ammonia workshops have markedly reduced the period of overhaul by introducing effective technical innovation plans. At the same time, they are improving the level of technical knowledge and skills and strictly observing the standard operating manuals to ensure the operation of equipment at full capacity.

Amid a strong wind of socialist emulation drive sweeping the workshops and shifts, the forwarding workshop is closely coordinating the processes to speed up the packing and forwarding of fertilizers.

Technicians are also pooling their creative wisdom and efforts to solve problems arising in lowering the norms of material consumption per unit and raising the actual yields.

In high spirits to fulfil the production plan of this year, the workers of the complex are increasing fertilizer production.

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