Hardships and Pleasure

Hardships and pleasure are antithetical concepts.

However, the great leader Kim Jong Il devoted himself to the people all his life, regarding the hardships for them as his pleasure and happiness.

One day in December Juche 87 (1998), he said to officials: I always find my pleasure in the happiness of the people. I spare nothing if they can enjoy a happy life.

Now I am giving field guidance to different fields including the industrial establishments almost every day just for the happiness of the people. As I spent days for field guidance, I couldn’t sleep a peaceful sleep even a single day. I only have a nap in my car on the road of field guidance. As I have lived that way, I am accustomed to it now and rather, I feel awkward in sleeping on a bed. A nap in the car is the best sleep and rest for me. That’s all of my rest….

I have never considered it to be my hardships. Rather, I feel a great pride in doing so. When I hear that people are well-off, while working without having a proper sleep and meals, I am relieved of my fatigue in an instant and invigorated.

In 1998 the Korean people underwent difficulties and trials owing to the natural disasters lasting for years and the moves of the hostile forces to isolate and suffocate the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Late at night of one day in January that year with intense cold, a train carrying Kim Jong Il was running to Jagang Province in the northern part of the country.

Time passed and the day started to break, but Kim Jong Il continued his work.

An accompanying official earnestly requested him to have a rest.

Kim Jong Il thanked him and said: When our people are all well-off in the future, let’s remember today like an old story.

On arriving in Kanggye City of Jagang Province early in the morning, he looked round a number of units including a new minor power station without a moment’s rest.

He visited 19 units while giving field guidance to the province for several days.

He always regarded the field train as his office room and lodgings and worked hard for the country and people. His long march of patriotic devotion continued till the last time of his life.

Kim Jong Il worked hard for prosperity of the country and happiness of the people, saving every minute and second. He found himself on the road of field guidance even on his birthday as well as on Sundays and holidays.

The Korean people will tell forever the immortal revolutionary exploits of Kim Jong Il who devoted his all only to their happiness.

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