To Create New Teaching Methods

Active efforts are made in the field of general education to constantly improve the educational methods according to the daily-developing educational trend.

The Segori Junior Middle School in Pothonggang District attached to Kim Chol Ju University of Education is steadily creating new teaching methods and applying them to education.

Principal Jon Chun Hae says:

“Creating new teaching methods is the course of improving the qualifications of teachers and furthermore, it is an important work to raise the intellectual faculties and creative cogitation of the students. We induce all teachers to teach their subjects theoretically and interestingly and invent and develop new styles of teaching structures and methods for education.”

The school often organizes the inspection of a class at work and holds section meetings on Thursdays so that the teachers can steadily create new teaching methods while exchanging their experiences.

Teachers pool their collective wisdom, always thinking of how to give students a versatile and practical knowledge more.

They strive to find out a rational methodology through demonstrative and preliminary lessons by sections or teachers.

The maths section leads the teachers with rich teaching experience to actively help the new teachers for new teaching methods.

The new teachers design the teaching process for the students to have new knowledge of mathematics through practical operation during lessons and experience how the knowledge they learned is used in the correlation between the virtual media and the adjacent disciplines, and give lectures on its basis. As a result, the cognitive power and practical ability of students are increasing all the more.

Last year, such new teaching methods were generalized in the whole country, making an active contribution to raising the scholarly performance of students.

Teacher Kim Pom Hyang says:

“I am going to study a greater number of new teaching methods and apply them to education in order to prepare the students as practician-type talents desired by the country.”

The teachers of the school are devoting their wisdom and passion to creating new teaching methods constantly so as to bring up a greater number of talents desired by the country.

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