Large Chestnut Forests Increase

Forests of large chestnut can be found in different places of Kumya County, South Hamgyong Province.

The species of chestnut is considerably larger, tastier and three times greater in yield than others.

Scores of years ago, chestnut trees of low-yielding species had grown in the mountains of the county, and they often suffered from harmful insects.

Employees of the Kumya County Forest Management Station made a resolve to turn all the mountains in their villages into the “gold mountains” and “treasure mountains,” and set a goal to change those chestnut species into large ones of practical value.

They buckled down to selecting seeds appropriate to their locality and establishing a correct cultivation method.

Their painstaking efforts were crowned with the cultivation of a new species of chestnut.

Based on it, they put in efforts to organize technical courses on grafting large chestnut buds on the saplings of old species, and acquiring relevant skills to cultivate healthy saplings.

As a result, they produced 5,000 saplings in the first year, and then over 10,000 every year. They have planted them on the mountains in May, the suitable month for planting, and thus created over hundreds of hectares of large chestnut forests up to now.

The forests increased annually, bringing huge economic profits to them.

Last year alone, the station produced many saplings and sent them to hundreds of units across the country.

The large chestnut forests are the pride of locals.

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