Indoor Greening Gives Beautiful Emotion

People’s level of civilization is raised day by day. It calls for making our living environment cleaner and more beautiful. Different units in Pyongyang City are decorating their interior beautifully with potted flowers and plants.

The Ryongaksan Soap Factory conducts indoor greening well, providing its employees with cultural and emotional environment and bright and cheerful living atmosphere.

Worker Kang Sol Gyong says:

“The harmonious arrangement of various plants inside the building is very good for air cleaning and has good ornamental effects. We have distributed plants to preserve their shapes and natural features by making an effective use of all spaces inside the building. We are cultivating them in pots or by suspending and drooping them or by hydroponics.”

Worker Jong Song Bom says:

“Now in winter, the temperature drops and the sunshine ratio decreases. In this season, transpiration is not active. So it is good to water the plants when the surface soil got dried about one centimetre deep until some water comes out of the bottom of the pots.”

Good indoor greening not only makes the people pleasant but also keeps the interior of the building warm in winter and cool in summer, clearly proving its effectiveness.

In the course of cultivating plants, many people come to have beautiful emotion and foster the attachment to their working places.

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