Development of Nano-Tech Products in Full Swing

Researchers of the Nano-physical Engineering Institute under Kim Chaek University of Technology is vigorously conducting the work to develop and introduce nano-technology products.

According to a far-sighted goal of developing cutting-edge technologies, they directed efforts to the development of nano-tech products and achieved successes, including development of an ozone generator which is superior to the previous one.

The ozone generator made by using nano-composite materials has a good prospect for its effectiveness in water and air sterilization, waste water purification, pulp bleaching, ensuring freshness of foods and medical treatment, and its domestic production has been realized. So, it was highly appreciated at home and awarded a national invention certificate in 2018 and a certificate of registered high-tech product in 2021.

Last year, in the course of developing a nano-catalyst conducive to enhancing efficiency of hydrogen generation while reducing power consumption, they completed a high-performance water-electrolysis hydrogen generator and a water-electrolysis liquefied ozone generator and introduced them into several sectors of the national economy.

They also manufactured nano-composite resin additives by making use of domestic raw materials and thus improved the tensile strength, elongation rate and waterproof and ageing-retarding properties of resinous waterproof cloth and plastic belt.

In particular, the products made with nano-composite resinous waterproof cloth were highly appreciated in the national sci-tech presentation and exhibition in the epidemic prevention and public health sectors-2022 held in November last year.

They are now making redoubled efforts to develop high-tech products conducive to rendering great service to the economic development and improvement of the people’s living standards.

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