We Believe in Our Rosy Future

2022 was the year of trials unprecedented in history, when the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea faced the worst challenges and manifold hardships. But it witnessed a new turning point of the capital city construction in the country. Songhwa Street was inaugurated as the first entity of the construction of 50,000 flats in Pyongyang City presented by the Eighth Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea, and a peculiar terraced residential district appeared on the bank of the picturesque Pothong River and the construction of 10,000 flats in the Hwasong area is promoted at the final stage.

Songhwa Street magnificently built in the eastern gateway to Pyongyang covers an area of 56 hectares and has a total floor space of one million and hundreds of thousands of square metres. It consists of more than 160 modern and unique skyscraping and high-rise apartment houses, public buildings, public service amenities, resting parks, overbridge, decorative structures, artificial pond and falls and resting places.

The inaugural ceremony of Songhwa Street was held in balmy April on the occasion of the significant Day of the Sun, the birth anniversary of the great leader Kim Il Sung, and ordinary working people who had been suffering from housing problem moved into the new flats in the modern street.

The beautiful view of Songhwa Street is a precious fruition of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un‘s spirit of absolute and unconditional service for the people and his great outlook on them. He regards it as the most important task to promote the people’s well-being and considers it to be his long-cherished desire to provide the capital citizens with more stable and civilized living conditions.

The construction of 10,000 flats in the Songsin and Songhwa area had to be carried out when the challenges and obstacles were severer than ever before and under the conditions completely different from the time of starting the Ryomyong Street project. Moreover, it was a huge project whose amount of work several times more than that of the latter should be done in a short time. But as it was directly related to the life of the capital citizens and it was a crucial political work of the first year to carry out the decision of the Party Congress without fail, Kim Jong Un made a resolution to push ahead with the project unconditionally and took practical and innovative measures to finish it. Thanks to his noble intention to provide the people with the best houses, a unique terraced residential district was built as a socialist downtown on the bank of the Potong River in the heart of the capital city.

The working people who performed merits for the prosperity and development of the country became masters of this downtown called Kyongru-dong. They include announcers, writers, scientists, actors and actresses who are respected as talents of the country, and ordinary workers such as work-team leader of a thermal power station, road keeper, trolley bus driver, weaver and silk reeler.

The capital city of Pyongyang has been wonderfully changed with the construction of completely new and peculiar dwelling houses and ideal streets reflecting the flavour and features of Korean style and the trend of modern architectural development in a year.

Looking at it, the Korean people keenly felt the truth that although manifold trials stand in their way, all their dreams and ideals will come true under the leadership of the WPK as well as the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un who regards the people as his God.

Before long, this truth will be proved once again by the completely changed Hwasong area.

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