Forest Resources on the Increase

Forest is a precious asset indispensable for the existence and development of the people.

It is the most important factor in providing the favourable ecological environment such as storing up water needed for the living of human beings and protecting the land from damage by flood and drought.

Afforestation is a very important work in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea mostly covered with mountains.

It is conducted as a mass campaign in the DPRK under the wise leadership of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un and as a result, successes are made every year.

Ryom Song Hwan, Senior Official of the General Bureau of Forestry under the Ministry of Land and Environment Protection, says:

“The respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un instructed on vigorously conducting the movement to create Forest of Socialist Patriotism throughout the society.

The social interest in the afforestation has been further raised and a nationwide and all-people movement actively conducted to increase the forest resources, with the result that a large area of forests has been created.

Last year alone, over 1,600 units across the country were awarded the title of Forest of Socialist Patriotism.”

Through the all-people movement for afforestation, more than one million hectares of forests have been newly created from 2016 to 2020 and the forest resources are on the increase to be handed down to posterity.

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