Like Parents of Students

Many people in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea devote themselves to improving the educational conditions and environment, like parents of students. Among them are officials and employees of the Narae Ceramic Factory in the capital city Pyongyang.

One day some years ago a truck came into the playground of the Chongho Senior Middle School in Taesong District.

The truck was carrying materials necessary for construction at the school.

The officials of the school were moved to hear the manager of the factory saying that he came there upon the news of building a swimming pool.

Afterwards, too, the officials of the factory volunteered to solve the problems concerning the school education though they were so busy with their work, saying there is nothing to spare for the coming generations.

Worker An Myong Song at the Narae Ceramic Factory says:

“Everybody left schools and the memory of the school days is really precious. Taught by teachers at the schools, we came to know our motherland and have our love for it and the hope and ambition for our future. So I think it is a natural duty of a citizen to devote sincerity to those precious schools.”

The officials and employees of the factory also rendered active assistance to building up another school in the district and provided it with educational equipment. At that time they only wished the students to grow into future talents contributing to the country.

Thanks to such people, the new generations of Korea are growing more stoutly to shoulder the future of the country.

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