Developers of Anticancer Pills

The Koryo Medicine General Hospital is directing efforts to the scientific research for developing the traditional Koryo medicine of the Korean nation and applying it to medical services.

Researchers of the hospital intensified the research into the treatment of cancer, an incurable disease, and developed anticancer pills with Koryo medicinal materials.

Doctor Kim Chun Ok at the Oncology Laboratory of the Koryo Medicine General Hospital says:

“Recently, we have developed the efficacious Schinseng Epimedium Koreaum Anticancer Pills with Koryo medicinal materials rich in our country by bio-pharmaceutical method of Korean style. Unlike the anticancer medicines widely used in the world, those pills have the advantages of restoring the general immune system and the hematopoietic system of the advanced cancer patients, decreasing neoplasm and increasing their survival rate.”

The researchers had an idea of developing anticancer pills with Koryo medicinal materials in the course of analyzing main ingredients of the anticancer medicines.

They intensified the study of anticancer pills on the basis of the detailed analysis of anticancer medicines well-known to the world and the successes made in the past.

They completed the method of extracting and segregating Koryo medicinal materials to find out new ingredients and scientifically clarified the principles of their pharmacological action. Finally, they developed anticancer pills effective for cancer treatment.

Those pills made by the method of biological reaction proved to be highly effective for cancer treatment as they regulate the immune system of the patient to resuscitate cells of visceral organs.

Kim Chun Ok says:

“We are going to introduce the bio-pharmaceutical method of Korean style into traditional medicines to make a contribution to improving the people’s health.”

The researchers continue to intensify their scientific research for the development of the traditional Koryo medicine of the Korean nation.

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