U.S. – Israel’s Accomplice to Be Placed in Dock

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
November 29, Juche 111 (2022)

At the recent meeting of the Fourth Committee (Special Political and Decolonization) of the 77th UNGA, the resolution on requesting the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to investigate, on an urgent basis, Israeli attempt at annexing Palestinian territory was adopted by absolute majority of the UN member states.

The adoption of the aforementioned resolution constitutes a just measure reflecting the public sentiment of the international community at large aspiring to justice and peace.

Israel has recently been undertaking a project of building as many as 7,000 Jewish dwellings in the Palestinian territory under its occupation, removing thousands of Palestinian dwellings and even killing hundreds of innocent Palestinian residents who stood up against it, evoking worldwide disapproval and denunciation.

The thing is, the U.S. opposed the adoption of the resolution.

The U.S., despite its expressed “concern” over the Israeli construction of Jewish settlements, and its apparent support for the “Two-State Solution”, has in actual fact been patronizing and backing the Israeli attempt at seizing Palestinian territory.

Without the U.S. backing and patronizing, Israel could not have committed the flagrant crime aimed at permanent occupation of Palestinian territory for the past decades, in utter defiance of the protest and denunciation of the international community.

The reality shows that the U.S. is indeed the accomplice that should be placed under the Palestine-related ICJ emergency investigation together with Israel.

It is only fitting that the U.S. be subjected to the ICJ investigation for its connivance at and encouragement of Israeli act of territory annexation.

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