President Kim Jong Un Has Photo Session with Contributors to Successful Test-Fire of New ICBM Hwasongpho-17

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and President of the State Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, had a picture taken with those who contributed to the successful test launch of the new-type intercontinental ballistic missile “Hwasongpho-17”.

Present on the occasion were Kim Jong Sik and Jang Chang Ha.

Kim Jong Un met officers and men of the Red Flag Company, officials, scientists and technicians of the defence science research organ and workers of the munitions factory who performed great feats for the test launch of “Hwasongpho-17” conducted on November 18, and posed for a picture with them.

The moment he arrived with her daughter, the entire participants welcomed him raising stormy cheers.

Kim Jong Un waved back to them, extending warm congratulations and militant greetings.

He said “Hwasongpho-17” is definitely a great creation made by our people with their own efforts, undeniable entity of the strategic strength and precisely “Hwasongpho” of the Korean people. He expressed deep thanks to the people who were convinced of and wished sure success, absolutely supporting and encouraging as ever the revolutionary cause of our Party.

He said it is the truth of history that only the strong, not the weak, can defend the present and future of the country and nation in the present world where the showdown of strength decides the victory and defeat. We must not be satisfied with the achieved success, but make our strongest power more absolute and irreversible and continuously speed up the unlimited strengthening of defence power, he noted.

He expressed the conviction that our self-defensive power would be the world’s strongest one now that the fighting goal and determination are clear, there remain a large number of defence scientists and technicians loyal to the Party and heroic workers of the munitions industry and our people render absolute support.

Kim Jong Un expressed the expectation and belief that the defence scientists and technicians and munitions industry workers who have been infinitely loyal to their cause would make strenuous efforts in the future, too, in the spirit of resolute implementation, not forgetting even a moment their weighty mission for the accomplishment of the cause of building the state nuclear forces, thereby strengthening the nuclear war deterrent of the country at fast tempo.

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