Faithful Devotion

Sin Hyang Ok in the Pipha Polyclinic, Moranbong District, Pyongyang, is popular among the people.

Having specialized in dentistry at Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences, she has worked as a dentist for over two decades, and many people come to see her.

The following happened several years ago.

One day when she was treating a patient, she heard by chance the people talking to one another while waiting their turn outside. They were saying that the bracket attached to the surface of teeth was so large and its joint was not so delicate that they felt inconvenience when they were eating foods or washing their teeth.

Sin could not neglect their words.

That day she was aware once again of her duty as a medical worker.

“I have to make a new bracket with my hands, which can mitigate the people’s inconvenience.”

With this determination she set a goal of developing a tubular bracket by using plastics. However, the research was easier said than done.

While treating the patients, she read literature on dental surgery and conducted scores of consultations and experiments with technicians in relevant sectors to confirm the technical specifications of the material.

In the course of this, she developed a bracket which is flawless in the hygienic and aesthetic aspects, and has a significant treatment effect on the malocclusion cases.

Recently, the tubular bracket was awarded a certificate of invention of the DPRK.

With her high abilities, she is still devoting all her wisdom and enthusiasm to improving the quality of medical service for the people.

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