Diabetes Committee of Hospital Association of Korea

The Diabetes Committee of the Hospital Association of Korea (DCoHAK) is an NGO established in December Juche 88 (1999).

It set it as its mission to safeguard the rights of diabetics and other people related to diabetes and offer comprehensive, convenient and professional treatment to them and thus reduce the attack and death rates of diabetes and contribute to implementing the country’s healthcare policy.

Proceeding from the viewpoint that prevention and control of diabetes, which sweeps the world like a contagious disease, cannot be settled by an individual’s wisdom and effort or the strength and strategy of a certain country, the DCoHAK joined the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) as its full member, and has set forth and implemented three-stage goals to prevent and control diabetes.

During the period of implementing the first-stage goal of the “Diabetes Prevention and Control Plan 2016-2020,” it conducted a nationwide survey of diabetes prevalence rate and raised public awareness of education on diabetes. The 25th-29th national medical science symposiums in the sector of the endocrine and metabolism and the Pyongyang Medical Scientific Forum on Diabetes in the presence of a delegation from the IDF were held, and the “Manual for diagnosing and treating diabetes-2020” was updated.

At present, the DCoHAK is conducting the work to implement the second-stage goal of the “Diabetes Prevention and Control Plan 2020-2025.” In the circumstances where the worldwide pandemic COVID-19, which had not been expected at the time of mapping out the plan, continues to spread for three consecutive years, and the enteric epidemics and natural calamities caused by abnormal weather crop up, it has worked out an emergency disaster prevention plan for diabetics in the afflicted areas, and is waging various activities to improve treatment conditions for them.

In particular, it is dynamically organizing various activities to survey and assist all the type 1 diabetics across the country including those who have contracted the disease after suffering from COVID-19, and researches for the second and third rounds of prevention of type 2 diabetes.

It is also conducting researches to provide a real-time management and education of diabetes in a wider sphere through smart phones and networks.

On the occasion of World Diabetes Day (November 14) this year, the DCoHAK held the national medical science symposium in the sector of the endocrine and metabolism on the theme of “COVID-19 and type 1 and 2 diabetes” in the city of Nampho.

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