Able Researchers

Scientists of the Mineral Material Laboratory of the Mine Engineering Faculty of Kim Chaek University of Technology are proficient in the field of small cluster technology. They made an active contribution to the economic development of the country with the application of the technology.

Head of the laboratory Kwon Chang Dok says:

“We are researching into the urgent sci-tech problems arising in the field of mining industry. Recently, we have introduced the small cluster technology into the ore dressing to further improve its technical indices. We also introduced the technology into the agricultural field, opening a bright prospect for increasing the agricultural production of the country.”

The researchers got interested in the small cluster more than 10 years ago.

At that time, they were at a mine to study the flotation technology for raising the actual concentration rate of mines. They learned that the mine was concentrating ores with water brought from other region to raise its rate. They buckled down to the research with a resolve to solve the water problem essential for ore dressing.

In the course of studying and analyzing the technical documents on the characteristics of water, they invented a technology of raising the activity of water in the flotation process and intensified the research for manufacturing the equipment.

While solving technical problems, they made a small cluster water producer and introduced it into the ore dressing process. As a result, they could raise the grades of concentrated ores and actual flotation rate while lowering the production cost considerably.

Not resting content with it, they expanded the application scope of the small cluster water to different fields.

This year they introduced the small cluster water application technology into the agricultural and fishery fields, making an active contribution to increasing the unit-area yield of grains and fishing output even in the unfavourable climate conditions.

Researcher Pak Kwang Hyok says:

“We are not satisfied with the current research findings. We are going to intensify the research with main stress on developing a more profitable and effective small cluster water producer.”

They continue their research at present, too.

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