A School with Many Extracurricular Clubs

The Jungsin Senior Middle School in Sosong District of the capital Pyongyang is running many extracurricular clubs in an efficient way to train its students as talented personnel with versatile and practical knowledge, high creativity and strong body.

The school has more than 30 extracurricular clubs.

The students can select clubs freely according to their hobbies and aptitudes and after a certain period, they can join another clubs according to their will. By steadily improving the running style like this, the school makes all the clubs fully develop the talents of students and substantially contribute to their education and edification.

Here is teacher Kim Son Hong.

“Every month, we compare and analyze the number of students enlisted in the extracurricular clubs and judge that the one with increased membership was run well and the one with decreased membership run in a perfunctory manner. It encourages the teachers to display high enthusiasm in the emulation for improving their qualifications.”

Officials of the school carefully guide teachers to run the extracurricular clubs properly, and their working style proves effective in making students possess ample knowledge and various talents.

Student Jo Hyang Mi says:

“I can learn what I want after school. I am very pleased.”

The school has set a goal to organize more clubs and is making full preparations for it in order to train the students as competent personnel who will shoulder the future of the country.

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